Electric Generater
Electric Generator from hard disk arm The illustration of the origin of electricity in a simple manner is done by the movement of magnetic field, which is produced from the permanent magnet through the wire coil of the hard disk reading hand. This creates electric current in the wire coil. The arrangement of the hard disk reading hands, with wire coil at the edges, is done in a circular pattern on the base. Above them is a circular disk attached with permanent magnets all around. When the disk is rotated, the magnetic field would opposed each other creating electric current in the wire coil, which eventually could light up small bulbs or few electric equipments such as a radio.
This can also be used for education purposes as in the teaching of electricity to illustrate the origin of electric current, on electronics to illustrate how a diode could be lit with bright LED from the flowing current, on mechanics to illustrate the compensation of the wheel plate and the axle on rotating them with hand. On the basis of energy, to illustrate how mechanical energy can be converted into electrical energy, on environmental education to illustrate the making use of worn-out resources to prevent recycling which could create pollution.
The removed reading hands from hard disks are taken and arranged in a circular pattern on a transparent disk, and both the edges of the wire coil are connected to LED with permanent magnets. Distance between the base and the disk is minimum, as when the wire coil is rotated passed the magnets, LED would glow.
The working principle of the "hand-rotating electric generator" fix 8 pieces of reading hands of the hard disk, which has the internal wire coil, on the base and connect both tips of the wire to LED bulb. The transparent disk on top is fixed with two sets of permanent magnets, with the magnets facing downward to give contact with the wire coil, with minimum distance between them. When the transparent disk is rotated, the permanent magnets will pass the magnets in the reading hand and will create electric current of about 2 volts in the wire coil, which is capable of lighting up LED bulbs. This process is according to the speed of the rotation, the greater the speed - brighter will the bulb glow, which is a simple way to illustrate the origination of electricity.