Water is the liquid that has loosely molecules, unstable of water flow direction which consider to water out from nozzle could be spray so called "Turbulence". Apply water flow through the sequenced molecule pipe will make regulated water molecule (Laminar) which property of that water flow likes glass bar when it out from nozzle. As looking like glass bar thus "Rattanawari" is the name that comes from meaning of glass bar water which provide in one inch diameter and six meters long of its bar.

             Rattanawari can also provide in variety of color when were filled out with different color. In nighttime, however, it can also provide in variety color by lighting to each water bar instead of filling in the water. Rattanawari easy adapt, matching either outdoor or indoor for many kinds of format declaration as well. Therefore Rattanawari may be called that it is a kind of water architecture with flexible solution in all requirement.